Why look for an external investor?

If You are not able to answer this question clearly, it is very likely that the result will not be the best.

Look for an investor assumes on the one hand that an accurate analysis of the situation has been carried out and on the other that there are prerequisites to be attractive to the investor himself.

If the company needs new capital, because, for example, the existing resources are not used in the best way, no investor will ever be attracted.

First of all, the commitment of internal resources, so that it will be possible to understand how much capital the company needs. A company at the starting point has of course need momentum for its business, a company on the market for years must outline a clear development project, so that the investment is sensible and profitable for the investor.

Once this is understood, it is necessary to estimate the size of the investment, and here too there must be sensible and logical financial projections.

Finally, it is necessary to decide whether all the desired capital is to be sought in the form of risk capital or in part also of debt.

In short, analysis, studies and a correct corporate estimate are the basis of any following activity.

But are institutional investors all the same? We will answer this question in the next article

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