The Ministry of Economic Development has launched a new series of incentives for SMEs that want to be listed on the stock exchange: specifically, this is a tax credit of 50% for the expenses incurred precisely for the activities necessary for listing.

This as long as the access of the PMI to the listing takes place no later than March 31, 2019.

The Ministry has in particular identified seven categories of expenses that can be considered eligible:

activities provided during the admission phase and aimed at certifying the company’s suitability for admission and subsequent stay on the market

activities necessary to place the quoted shares with investors

activities aimed at supporting the issuing company in the review of historical or prospective financial information and in the subsequent preparation of a report, including financial due diligence

assistance in drafting the admission document and the prospectus of documents used for placement with qualified investors or for the production of research as defined in Article 3, paragraph 1, numbers 34 and 35 of Regulation (EU) no. 596/2014

activities relating to legal, tax and contractual issues strictly related to listing such as the activities relating to the definition of the offer, the examination of the prospectus or admission document or documents used for placement with qualified investors, legal or tax due diligence and aspects related to the governance of the company

communication activities necessary to offer the maximum visibility of the Company, to disclose the investment case, through interviews, press releases, events and presentations to the financial community

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