In the months of April and early May, there are several minibond subscriptions that have risen to the headlines. An instrument that is attracting the interest of companies, as an alternative to bank debt or as a means of debt diversification.

Just to name a few:

The Baia Silvella Group, an Italian player for the management of campsites and holiday villages, has issued minibonds for a total of 10 million euros. The underwriters are a dozen institutional investors, including Banca Ifis, Veneto Sviluppo and Anthilia Sgr. The Baia Silvella Group currently manages nine facilities with a turnover of around 30 million euros and a 37% ebitda. The investment obtained will serve the company for further development, as well as to modernize and expand the facilities and services offered.

Spinosa Spa, producer and distributor for over thirty years of mozzarella from Campania, has issued a 4.5 million euro minibond. The subscriber is the Fondo Impresa Italia, managed by Riello Investimenti Partners Sgr. The collection completes an investment cycle of around 10 million euros aimed at adapting the company to the growing demand. In fact, Spinosa has doubled its turnover over the last 5 years, thanks above all to its export share.

The Fecs Group, the only global player, able to cover the entire aluminum supply chain, from the purchase of metal waste to the sale of finished products, has quoted an 8 million euro minibond to the ExtraMot Pro of Borsa Italiana. The underwriters are different professional investors, such as banks, trusts and foundations. The FECS Group expects sales of 185 million with a 12 million ebitda in 2017.

Piazza Italia, a famous retail brand in the clothing industry in Italy and abroad, issued a 12 million euro minibond. The group closed 2016 with a turnover of 394.9 million euros, and an ebitda of 11.3 million. The investment will serve to continue the development of the company.


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