Italian economic fabric finds its foundation in small and medium-sized enterprises, which have specific characteristics both from an organizational and managerial point of view and from the management and enhancement of skills. Thanks to our deep knowledge of Italian economic fabric we are able to assist Italian and European companies in cross border transactions. We therefore support foreign companies in identification and acquisition of Italian companies, or in sale to international groups.


Our consultants are alongside entrepreneurs to ensure development and continuity of their companies.
This through a series of specific activities such as:

  • drafting of strategic industrial plans
  • identification of growth strategies for external lines
  • search for institutional investors for equity transactions
  • structuring and management of family buy out transactions
  • company sale

Professional Investors

Thanks to an important network of national and international professional investors, in particular British and Israeli, we assist both investment funds and investment companies in activities of:

  • identification of Italian target companies for equity transactions
  • specific experience in LBO, MBO, MBI operations
  • support to funds as internal professional contacts of the acquired company (board member, directors)
  • specific on-site services: due diligence, appraisals, drafting of industrial plans


Startup phenomenon is also gradually taking hold in Italy, with numbers growing significantly year after year.

Our consultants are able to support new entrepreneurs in the activities of:

  • drafting business plans for the banking circuit and professional lenders
  • management of fundraising campaigns
  • organizational support